At ArtClothesGallery, we believe that art 

  • inspires both the creator and collector 
  • stimulates the intellect and emotions 
  • prices discourage the purchase of original art in gallery formats 

We create clothes that 

  • present original art from a variety of artists, never duplicating a piece 
  • are affordable 
  • utilize glorious colors and fabrics 
  • are fun to wear 
  • make the collector/wearer feel special 
  • can be worn on daily and special occasions 

We hope that the joy of ArtClothesGallery is felt in our viewers + wearers! 



Sarah SERMARR Nolan, the founder of ArtClothesGallery, is a New York-based multimedia artist. 

What started as a fun side-project in the studio - painting on jeans and t-shirt for friends - naturally progressed into constructing one-of-a-kind ArtClothes: the "canvas" was enlarged and became the wider panels of coats, allowing for more elaborate compositions to be painted + the beautiful, often imported fabrics provided new and glorious backdrops for a greater variety of colors of paint to be used. 

Though ArtClothesGallery continues to be an adjunct to a broader studio practice for Sarah SERMARR Nolan, ArtClothesGallery continues to excitingly develop and grow: guest artists now contribute their original compositions to ArtClothesGallery.